This is what to expect for your comprehensive Audiological Evaluation.

1. Making your appointment. When we set up your appointment, we will ask you what the appointment is for. Typically for a hearing or tinnitus issue, we schedule an appointment for both our ENT and Audiologist. If you have prior medical records or hearing tests, you are welcome to bring them to the appointment. We ask that you arrive 20 minutes early to fill out paperwork and so you get your full allocated time with the doctors.

2. Medical history and testing. You will be seen by our ENT physician who will review your medical records and perform an otoscopic evaluation. You will then be seen by an Audiologist who will perform a series of tests that will give information on the status of the middle ear, inner ear, and brain processing abilities. Word understanding, tinnitus, and asymmetry may also be documented.

3. The audiological test results will be explained and questions will be addressed.

4. You will be seen by the Ear Nose Throat Physician, who will determine the appropriate course of treatment after testing or determine if further investigation is needed. If heating aids is an appropriate treatment for your specific hearing loss or tinnitus issue, then a consultation appointment will be scheduled at the front desk to meet with the audiologist for an hour at a later date.

5. A consultation appointment provides hearing health information on your ears, brain, and re-visits the audiogram. A collaboration between you and the audiologist will determine what hearing aids will meet your specific needs. Not all hearing losses are the same, nor do people have the same lifestyle. The appointment will be tailored to your goals, your budget, and your input in selecting a hearing device. We genuinely care that you receive education with the best treatment for your hearing health.