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what is balloon sinuplastyChronic sinusitis is an extremely difficult health condition to deal with. Those who have chronic sinusitis typically suffer from inflammation and swelling around the nasal sinus passages. The condition prevents the sinuses from draining properly which leads to the build-up of mucus. As a result, you may be unable to breathe properly, you may experience facial swelling, and you also may have throbbing pain and headaches. The most common causes are infection, nasal polyps, and infection and most individual experience nasal problems for about 8 weeks. The best way to correct this type of health condition is to undergo a balloon sinuplasty.

Balloon Sinuplasty Overview

A balloon sinuplasty is an innovative procedure where sinus surgery is performed by an ear, nose, and throat specialist. The medical specialist uses microdebriders, forceps, and balloons in order to enlarge the sinus opening. Once the opening is dilated, the blocked passages are not obstructed and the mucus is able to drain from the passage. As a result, your medical condition can be corrected and you’ll be able to breathe normally and rid yourself of the irritation.

Advantages of a Balloon Sinuplasty

The main advantage of a balloon sinuplasty is that it is a procedure that does not require the typical endoscopic instruments. As a result, you don’t need to worry about having to undergo a procedure that can cause trauma to your nasal passage. In addition, the balloon sinuplasty is not invasive so that you can feel comfortable with getting your chronic sinusitis corrected. The medical professional will not need to cut your bone or nasal tissue and you will not have any scarring.

Balloon Sinuplasty Recovery

Another advantage of a balloon sinuplasty and another reason that it is the preferred choice among individuals is that the recovery period is very short. Those who undergo the procedure will recover in about two days. After two days, normal activity can be resumed. However, it is also beneficial to keep in mind that recovery varies for everyone and will depend upon age and genetics.

Improvement in Quality of Life

A balloon sinuplasty is a great procedure because it also has been shown to improve the quality of life of patients who have undergone the procedure. Those who have had a balloon sinuplasty report less irritation, less pain, an ability to breathe better, and less obstruction of the sinus passages.

What to Expect During the Procedure

During the procedure, you can expect to be put under general anesthesia. This will either occur in the operating room or in your medical professional’s office. The surgeon will then maneuver the tools into your sinus cavity. Once the sinus cavity is reached, the surgeon will inflate the balloon and allow the sinus cavity to drain. Afterwards, you’ll be wheeled into the recovery room. In some cases, if you feel well enough, you’ll be able to go home the same day. Overall, a sinuplasty is a highly effective procedure for those who are looking for immediate and comfortable nasal relief.

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