Sleep Apnea and Snoring

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Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Obstructive sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that disrupts your breathing patterns while you sleep. Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common type of sleep apnea, and is caused by abnormal behavior by the muscles in your throat which blocks your airway when sleeping. Snoring is the most notable symptom of obstructive sleep apnea.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment

At Commonwealth ENT Associates, we can effectively treat your obstructive sleep apnea with Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) so that you can enjoy peaceful uninterrupted sleep.

The procedure that we use to treat patients with obstructive sleep apnea is called Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP). With UPPP, we remove soft tissue from the back of the throat and uvula. We may also remove the the tonsils and excess tissue if necessary. By removing this tissue, it opens up the airway in the throat and improves the palate’s ability to move. We utilize Laser Assisted Uvulopalatoplasty for this procedure for precision, and a higher rate of success. Our surgeons are highly skilled and experienced in Uvulopalatoplasty for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

Due to the nature of UPPP, patients may require general anesthesia and have to stay at the hospital overnight. You may also note that this procedure is not used to treat sleep apnea or snoring that’s caused by the tongue.

Sleep Medicine

As a Board Certified Sleep Specialist, Dr. Bane has the expertise to diagnosis and manage the clinical conditions that occur during sleep. Sleep medicine is the study, diagnosis, and treatment of patients (adult and pediatric) with disorders affecting sleep and daytime alertness. The most common sleep disorders are sleep apnea and insomnia. Others include snoring, narcolepsy, sleepwalking, and sleep related seizures.

Through the analysis and interpretation of comprehensive polysomnographs (sleep studies), Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, can be diagnosed and treated. Blockage of the airway can happen a few times a night or several hundred times per night. Sleep apnea can be managed with CPAP therapy. CPAP therapy supplies air through a mask worn during sleep which keeps the airway open.

For information on other types of sleep disorders; such as Snoring, Narcolepsy, Insomnia, Restless Leg Syndrome, or Sleepwalking please contact our office for a comprehensive evaluation.

If you have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, or are experiencing symptoms such as shortness of breath when waking up, severe snoring, difficulty sleeping, or fatigue during the day please call Commonwealth ENT Associates in Woodbridge or Stafford VA to make your appointment today.