Sinus Surgery

Sinus Surgery

Medical therapy is able to heal many cases of sinusitis. However, in situations involving chronic or recurring problems that medical therapy has been ineffective for, surgery may be the best solution.


The mucus produced in the sinus travels towards the opening and into the nose. When this opening is blocked due to an infection or polyps, the buildup of mucus creates a breeding ground for bacteria growth which can cause Sinusitis.

Patients suffering from sinusitis and blocked sinuses may experience symptoms such as headaches, fever, pain near their eyes, and at times, the formation of polyps.

FESS – Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

FESS is performed under the guidance of a telescopic endoscope, which allows the doctor to get a magnified view of the infected area. Because of this, we are able to safely and effectively remove the diseased and inflamed tissue and bone, and clear up the sinuses for healthy passage.

The comfort of our patients is a priority for us. One of the main advantages of FESS vs. older surgical methods that required incisions, is that it is far less invasive. Minimally invasive sinus surgery is less intimidating for patients, and is made possible thanks to innovations in the medical industry. Depending on the severity of your sinus disease or infection, your surgery may range from a very mild procedure to more extensive procedures for severe infections.

After FESS, patients generally experience minimal discomfort and notice drastic improvements in their symptoms. To aid in the recovery process and further relieve your symptoms, ongoing medical therapy may be required. This can help address the causes of the initial inflammation that lead to the need for surgery.

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