Perforated Eardrum Treatment

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Perforated Eardrum Treatment

In some cases, people have a hole in their eardrum, called a perforation. In most cases, perforated eardrums are either caused by an infection or some type of trauma. This can include:

  • An ear infection that has not healed completely
  • Trauma to the ear
  • A skull fracture
  • Sticking an object too far into the ear canal (i.e. cotton swabs)
  • Persistent eustachian tube disorders

When you have a perforated eardrum, you can experience hearing loss, pain, and liquid discharge from your ear.

Eardrum perforations/holes that are caused by a minor ear infection or injury will typically heal naturally within a few weeks, although some may take months. While it’s healing, you must be very careful to protect the affected ear from suffering further trauma or having water seep into it. In some cases, the eardrum will not heal on its own and will require surgery. Dr. Bane is able to repair the perforation with the following treatments.

Eardrum Surgery – Myringoplasty

The procedure we use to repair a perforated eardrum is called Myringoplasty. This is used in cases where the middle ear is not infected and there’s no presence of disease in the ear bones. Through Myringoplasty, we seal the middle ear and are able to improve the hearing loss the patient is experiencing.

Eardrum Surgery – Tympanoplasty

Another treatment option for perforated eardrum is tympanoplasty. This is used when there’s damage to the eardrum as a result of an infection that also damages the three bones responsible for transmitting sound from the eardrum. Tympanoplasty seals the middle ear to improve hearing loss, and corrects the sound transmitting mechanism as well.

If you suffer from chronic ear infections, eustachian tube disorders, or are experiencing hearing loss after trauma to your ear or head, call Commonwealth ENT Associates in Woodbridge or Stafford VA to make an appointment. We may be able to help you improve your hearing and prevent further damage from your eardrum injury.