Serious Sinus Issues? You May Benefit From Balloon Sinuplasty

Serious Sinus Issues? You May Benefit From Balloon Sinuplasty

If you suffer from constant sinus issues such as congestion, sneezing or a runny nose, then you may need to have your sinus cavities repaired by an ear, nose and throat specialist. Rather than undergoing a difficult procedure, you can opt to have a balloon sinuplasty. This simple procedure offers an assortment of benefits for patients to unblock the sinus cavities or to prevent problems from polyps or other structural abnormalities.

Eight Benefits from Sinuplasty for Your Sinus Problems

No Removal of Tissues Inside the Nose or the Sinuses

While some types of sinus surgeries require the removal of bone, cartilage or mucous membranes, a sinuplasty doesn’t require this. This is a noninvasive approach for fixing the problems inside your sinuses.

Less Risk from Anesthesia

Many sinus surgeries require the administration of sedation anesthesia, but sinuplasty with balloons only requires an injection of a numbing agent. This means that you have fewer risks from the complications of anesthetics.

No Hospitalization

If you have sinus surgery in a hospital, then you are exposed to pathogens such as bacteria and viruses, but a sinuplasty is an in-office procedure that is performed by an ear, nose and throat specialist.

A Fast Procedure

In 30 minutes, you can have a sinuplasty procedure at your local ear, nose and throat physician’s office. A sinus surgery that requires incisions and stitches can keep you in a hospital for an overnight stay so that you are observed for problems such as excessive bleeding.

A Shorter Recovery Time

When you have nasal or sinus surgery that requires incisions, your face will swell, and you will also have extensive bruising. With a balloon sinuplasty, you can return home right away to rest, and you can return to your normal activities the next day.

Long-term Results

The balloon treatment with a sinuplasty will enlarge your sinus cavities to improve the airflow in your sinuses. You will likely notice a result right away because your breathing is easier, and you will have long-term results that will typically last for two years.

Better Mucous Drainage

After the balloon in your sinus cavity is deflated, the passages remain wider so that your sinuses will drain better when you have an infection or allergy symptoms. This will lead to improved mucous drainage so that you don’t have sinus congestion or severe sinus headaches.

No Bleeding Complications

An ear, nose and throat physician can insert the guide wire that holds the balloon into your nose easily, and he is often able to see the lighted device through your skin’s thin tissue in the nose and sinuses. As the balloon is inserted, inflated and deflated, you won’t have any dangerous bleeding complications.

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