Hearing Aids

Commonwealth Audiology prides itself in fitting only the best quality hearing aids with sophisticated current technology. There are several hearing aid companies that have taken great strides in the industry over decades of their existence. They are reliable companies that pour millions of dollars into research so that people can get the best hearing in almost any situation. They have made the industry and hearing aid technology as we know it.

 Companies that we can program and fit are:
  • Phonak
  • Starkey
  • GnResound
  • Siemens/Signia
  • Oticon
  • Unitron
  • Widex
  • Sonic

These are two different hearing aids. Can you tell which hearing aids in the picture has the best noise reduction for your visit to the restaurant? Which of these is more valuable? Which of these have wind reduction?

One of these hearing aids work better than the other, but they look identical! How can you tell what you are paying for?

It is not practical to look in a store window and pick out the hearing aid you want. It is seemingly impossible to tell from the outward appearance or from a brief description of a hearing aid that the features of the internal microchip and processing capabilities meet the needs of your everyday life!

When deciding on how you will hear for the next several years of your life, you need an expert. You should talk to a hearing doctor that will provide excellent services-programming, maintenance, customer care, and find a doctor who will ethically tell you exactly what you are purchasing- advantages and disadvantages. That is exactly what we do in our consultation appointments. We will talk with you in-depth to guide you through the selection process. Maybe you need a lot of noise reduction because you are more socially active, or maybe you are at home watching television and something more basic can help you. There are different styles, brands, colors, technology levels. We can decide it together as a team. At Commonwealth Audiology, we employ experienced Doctors of Audiology, not “hearing aid specialists,” because your health should require an expert level of care. At Commonwealth Audiology, we take your hearing concerns very seriously.